Commercial Auto Insurance

What is Commercial Auto Insurance and does my business need it?

Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage for the cars, trucks and vans you use to conduct your business. It provides physical damage  and liability coverages for situations and usage that are not covered under a personal auto insurance policy.

This type of business insurance covers a wide variety of commercial vehicles, from company cars to cargo vans and food trucks. This insurance would also be required for regular automobiles if they are used for business purposes. 

What are the coverages in a commercial vehicle policy?
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage-This provides protection for any accidental damage to another person’s property
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage- This would pay for any bodily injury or death as the result of an at fault accident.
  • Combined Single Limit (CSL)- Commercial Auto policies usually offer separate limits that apply to a bodily injury claim for property damage. A Combined single limits policy will have the same amount of coverage per occurrence whether it is bodily injury or property damage
  • Medical Payment, no-fault or personal injury coverage- This would pay for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers of the vehicles as the result of an accident regardless of fault
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage-This would cover your injuries and in some cases property damage caused by an uninsured or hit and run driver
  • Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage-This would pay for vehicle damage due to theft, vandalism, flood, fire and other covered perils
  • Collision Coverage-This would pay for damage to your vehicle when you hit or are hit by another object 

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